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Leverage On Demand Delivery For Your EOFY Sales

The End of the Financial Year (EOFY) sale is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to meet their customers’ needs, and for consumers and businesses to make important purchases ahead of the new financial year. As Aussies nationwide gear up to spend money, businesses need to set themselves apart from their competition. At Drive Yello, we’re passionate about working with Australian businesses to improve their customer service, unique selling points, and ultimately, their sales through our fast last-mile delivery services. In this blog we’ve broken down the hallmarks of a successful EOFY sales strategy, how last-mile delivery offers a big advantage, and how you can make the most of this year’s End of Financial Year sales.

EOFY sale breakdown

In Australia, The EOFY falls on June 30th each year, and the sale in the leadup usually begins two weeks to a month earlier. EOFY is anything but a frivolous retail holiday – it’s a powerful occasion for corporations, businesses of all sizes, and families and individuals to make important investments for their businesses, snag great deals, and secure tax benefits in the process. It’s also a great occasion for businesses to capture business from existing and new customers through well-targeted campaigns, boosted customer service, and on demand delivery. 

A few key numbers to inspire your EOFY sales strategy this year: 

  • According to B and T, 90% of Austalians are looking to spend money on good deals during the EOFY season
  • 43% of Australians say they’re open to trying out new businesses and services during the EOFY sale. This is a great time to reach new audiences!
  • Australians are expected to spend around $15 billion in the last two weeks of June
  • 66% of Australian consumers say fast delivery times and online tracking are top priorities when shopping online

Seven hallmarks of a successful EOFY sales campaign

So now that we know that Aussies are in a buying mood around the EOFY, how can businesses position themselves to make the retail occasion a successful one? Here are seven hallmarks of a great EOFY marketing campaign.

  • Planning ahead

A successful EOFY marketing strategy begins with early planning. Planning ahead involves setting clear, trackable goals, identifying your target audiences, crafting tailored messages to capture these audiences, and choosing the right offers to attract them.

  • Knowing your target audience

Make sure you know your target audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points ahead of the campaign planning process. Once you know who you’re trying to reach, you can tailor your messaging, offers, and the channels you use to communicate with your ideal customer. 

  • Offering compelling deals and incentives

This time of year, your customers are looking for a great deal. Now’s the time to craft compelling offers and incentives that align with the interests and needs of your target audience. 

  • Leverage multi-channel marketing

Make sure you reach your audiences effectively by utilising a variety of marketing channels for your EOFY messaging.

  • Create compelling branding and content

Don’t get lost in the noise this EOFY season. Ensure that your messaging, visuals, and tone of voice all reflect your brand’s identity and resonate with your target audience. 

  • Offer a seamless customer experience

Focus on providing a seamless customer experience from start to finish. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, that your checkout and delivery process is smooth and quick, and that your customer service is helpful and ultra responsive.

  • Offer fast delivery

Research shows that modern consumers want fast delivery – and by fast delivery they don’t mean in a day or two, they mean same-day delivery. Meeting this modern expectation not only enhances the overall customer experience, but it sets your business apart from competitors, and can reduce cart abandonment. On-demand delivery has become a key hallmark of a successful EOFY marketing strategy, and luckily, offering it is no longer a logistical headache. We’ve taken the stress out of it for you. 

How to prepare for last-mile delivery success

Overall, on demand delivery supports businesses in capturing their EOFY target audience by providing speed, convenience, flexibility, transparency, scalability, and an important competitive advantage. To prepare yourself and your business for increased delivery activity during EOFY sales, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Sign up to a last mile delivery company ahead of the sales season to give time to test and curate your best solution with the support of your delivery partner
  • Train your team to use the delivery platform to ensure everything runs smoothly when sales pick up – and make sure you take advantage of your delivery customer service team
  • Build up the excitement with your customers – promote your new express deliveries options ahead of time to build anticipation
  • Make sure you’re fully stocked to meet demand
  • Prepare for easy and quick handovers when your courier comes to pick up the deliveries

The benefits of offering fast delivery

With the right preparations in place, here are some of the key benefits a fast and reliable last-mile delivery company can offer your business:

  • Speed and convenience 
  • Customisation 
  • Real-time tracking and transparency
  • Scalability and capacity 
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved brand perception

Speed and convenience

On demand delivery allows you to meet the expectations of modern consumers, meet tight deadlines, process orders quickly, and improve customer satisfaction.


With tailored on demand delivery you can allow your customers to schedule a delivery ahead of time, ensuring they (or the recipient) will be home to receive it. By choosing a delivery partner that offers several delivery options, you’re also able to customise your delivery solution to your business’ needs at that time. 

Real-time tracking and transparency  

With real-time delivery tracking there’s no need to worry how far away an order is. This offers peace of mind for customers and reduces the amount of customer-service interactions for businesses. 

Scalability and capacity

On-demand delivery offers scalability and capacity, enabling businesses to handle high order volumes during peak periods such as EOFY sales.

Competitive advantage

Modern customers want fast delivery, and providing reliable fast delivery offers an important competitive advantage. This is especially important during sales periods when customers are ready to spend money on the right deals and products.

Improved brand perception

Offering a reliable and fast service fosters trust, positive word-of-mouth, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty. By offering fast, trackable, and reliable deliveries, businesses can improve their overall brand perception and customer satisfaction.

Is your business ready for the 2023 EOFY sale? Reach out to the friendly team at Drive Yello to discover how you can leverage last mile delivery this EOFY season.

Partner with Drive Yello this EOFY

Whether you’re yet to leverage last-mile delivery, or you’re looking for a new delivery partner that can offer you a hand-in-glove service, we’re here to help. Drive Yello offers scalable, tailored delivery services that help businesses of all sizes meet customers expectations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. Drive Yello has partnered with some of Australia’s most trusted businesses to deliver goods on time and with care, including Woolworths, Coles, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Cue, EB Games, Big W and many more. 

Don’t let your customers’ carts go abandoned this sales season – start a conversation with the friendly team at Drive Yello today.

Author: Tracy Dudakov, Marketing Manager


B & T: Shopper Study: 90% Of Aussies Hunting Bargains In EOFY Sales – B&T.

NRA (National Retail Association): $15 billion forecast for EOFY sales | NRA Australia 

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I Love You, Mum! Offer Fast Deliveries This Mother’s Day With Drive Yello

Is your business set up for success ahead of Mother’s Day? Whether it’s in celebration of our mum, our partners’ mum, a mother-to-be, a pet mum, or whoever you want to treat, there are many ways Aussies show love on Mother’s Day. According to a 2022 study by the Australian Retail Association and Roy Morgan, Australians spent around $754 million dollars on their mothers for Mother’s Day, with the average anticipated spend sitting at $80. Simply put, Aussies love to spoil their mums, and with fast delivery, your business can help them do so. Keep reading to find out how businesses Australia-wide are leveraging last mile delivery companies to help increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and grow their customer base, and how you can, too.

The importance of fast delivery on Mother's Day

Whether you run a flower shop, a clothing boutique, a food shop, or something else, we are sure you are providing your customers with delivery options. Australians’ shopping habits have changed, and as many as 80% of Australians bought something online last year. Overall in 2022, Australians spent a staggering $62 billion online according to the Financial Review. According to Savvy, roughly half of shoppers surveyed expected faster delivery times in the future. Offering fast delivery is a great way for both brick and mortar and online businesses to tap into this fast-growing economy, especially for special occasions like Mother’s Day that can sometimes sneak up on us in our busy day-to-day lives.

Delivery with Drive Yello, made simple

We take the stress and confusion out of delivering. Drive Yello is trusted by businesses Australia-wide to deliver their products efficiently, pleasantly, and safely. We help national businesses such as Woolies, Coles, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, and EB Games, as well as small independent businesses, deliver to their customers. With Drive Yello, there’s a delivery option for every business. You can choose the delivery option that best suits your needs and budget from the following:

Booking a courier for a specific shift

If you’d like a courier (or a few) to deliver exclusively for you, booking a dedicated Drive Yello courier for a specific shift is a great option. That way you can schedule your deliveries as you go, train your professional courier exactly how you would like your products to be delivered, and even give them a uniform to wear. This is a great option for Mother’s Day when you have certain times or days you need to deliver a larger than normal volume of orders. We’ll help you prepare for the increase in online sales by using block shift drivers or pre-scheduling deliveries in the lead up to Mother’s Day. To reduce delivery costs and ensure timely deliveries, you can also bundle multiple orders into one run. So take your pick of couriers from the Yello network of over 8000 independent couriers nationally, and they will pick up and run deliveries exclusively for you. Drive Yello will also provide onboard training to the drivers to make sure their service is tailored to your business. 

On-demand delivery (ASAP or schedule a delivery)

You can also choose to take advantage of our on-demand delivery system, with ASAP or scheduled deliveries, letting your customers choose a delivery that best suits them. Drive Yello’s technology sends your orders through to Drive Yello’s courier marketplace for multiple pick-ups daily. 

BYO courier and use our SaaS technology

Or, if you already have your own courier prepped and ready to handle your deliveries, but you’d like to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently, you can bring your own couriers and use Drive Yello’s intuitive SaaS technology.    

No matter which option you prefer, signup is simple through this link. If your business is already integrated with Shopify or Shippit, signup can be done in just a few clicks. We tailor our delivery solutions to a wide range of Australian businesses, and we can do the same for you. Whether you know exactly which delivery option would best suit your needs, or you’d like to chat to us to learn more, we’re here to help.

We bet you’re passionate about what you do. This passion is likely why you started your business in the first place! In the lead up to Mother’s Day, tap into this passion to find new, meaningful ways to be helpful to your customers. It’ll make a big difference to you, to your customers, and likely, your revenue.

Some ways to be helpful: 

  • Let prospective customers know that you’ve got Mother’s Day appropriate gifts through advertising, signs, or a newsletter. We’re all busy, and sometimes a helpful reminder of what’s available can make all the difference
  • Create bundles or a beautiful display of your most giftable products for a variety of mums to love. Even better, price a few at the $80 pricemark that the ARA reported Aussies were planning to spend on their Mother’s Day gifts
  • Offer to write them a heartfelt note to go with their gift. You could even have a list handy for what they can write if they can’t think of something
  • Offer easy delivery to allow your customers to gift authentically from the comfort of their home, or office, or on the go 

Helpful ways to make the delivery process easier

So, what does easy delivery look like with Drive Yello? Here are some ways you can make the delivery process even easier for your customers on the day. 

  • Offer your customers several delivery window options to ensure their deliveries are being delivered at a time that’s convenient to them (or when they know their mum’s at home!) 
  • Offer Authority to Leave in a safe place (this is a great option if the sender is not quite sure when their mum will be home)
  • Offer a re-delivery option for when the recipient is not at home 
  • Allow the customer to be able to easily return the products to the store

Let’s set you up for delivery success

Simply put, Drive Yello has taken the headache out of managing the logistics of last mile delivery, so that you don’t have to worry about it. From the first hello till orders are flying out your door, we’ll be there with you to ensure that you are equipped to set up your business for on-demand delivery success. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and your customers want fast delivery! What are you waiting for – say hello


Author: Vic McWilliams, Commercial Director

Scale your business by offering your customers same-day delivery

Australians are shopping online like never before. According to Australia Post’s 2022 e-commerce report, they spent a record $62.3 billion online in 2021. Customers have thousands of stores and e-commerce platforms to choose from, and providing same-day delivery helps you stand out from your competitors.

If your business isn’t offering same-day delivery yet, you are losing out. Australian consumers want their products to be delivered quickly, preferably on the same day

Here are some ways in which same-day delivery can scale your business:

Reduces cart abandonment

Research conducted by the Baynard Institute suggests that the average cart abandonment rate is almost 70%, with 22% of customers citing slower-than-expected delivery for their decision. 

Same-day delivery is one way you can encourage potential customers to complete their orders, reducing cart abandonment and increasing your sales.

Increases revenue

It’s no secret that customers would like to get their order delivered as soon as possible but did you know they’re willing to pay more for the convenience? Invespcro’s same day delivery statistics state that 61% of consumers  would agree to pay extra for quicker delivery. However, quicker delivery doesn’t mean within two or three days; 96% of consumers now consider ‘fast delivery’ to mean same-day. Brands can charge higher shipping fees to provide this service, resulting in higher revenue.

Additionally, as per Bizrate Insights survey of 1047 Australian shoppers on conversion rate, 68% of consumers say fast shipping leads them to place an order online, making it a make-or-break factor in a user buying your products.

Lowers inventory costs

With same-day delivery, businesses can reduce their storage costs. Since the stock enters and exits the shops quickly, the business needs to store less daily inventory, thereby reducing expenditure in the long run.

Moreover, by delivering perishable and fragile products on the same day, you don’t need to invest heavily in temperature-controlled warehousing.

Boosts customer satisfaction

Happy customers are key to your company’s success, and same-day delivery boosts customer satisfaction. It shows customers that their time and business are valuable to you and you’re willing to go the extra mile to prioritise their needs.

Helps in customer retention 

Digital marketing company Etraffic states that the cost of customer acquisition has increased by over 50% in the last five years, making it essential to give existing customers a reason to stick around.

If you provide customers with their preferred delivery options, it is likely that they will continue shopping with you. Consumer research conducted by Flexe.com in 2021 has found that 85% of customers will take their business elsewhere in search of faster delivery times. 

Simplify same-day delivery with Drive Yello

Customising your last-mile delivery solutions can be difficult, but Drive Yello is here to help.

Drive Yello offers fast delivery, tracking, and visibility to help businesses deliver orders on the same day and increase customer satisfaction. Drive Yello uses crowdsourced couriers which allows businesses to scale their delivery strategy as their business grows.

Sign up with Drive Yello today!

Author: Steve Fanale, Founding CEO

Why You Need A Reliable Last Mile Delivery Service

Last impressions are often the most enduring. That’s why last mile deliveries are key for e-tailers in ensuring positive customer experiences for online shoppers. 

A 2022 Ipsol and Octopia study found that 85% of online shoppers would abandon a brand after just one bad delivery experience. The same percentage of respondents said delivery time was the most important factor behind online purchase decisions. 

As e-commerce companies vie with each other to provide better shipping speeds, last mile delivery has become a major consideration in determining positive online buying experiences for customers. Understandably then, the global last mile delivery market that was just over $108 billion in 2021 is expected to grow to $200 billion by 2027, according to Statista. 

Despite the growth in business, offering efficient last mile delivery remains a challenge for many e-commerce companies. In this article, we will discuss how investing in a reliable last mile delivery partner can improve customer experiences and help grow your business.

Improved customer experience

Customer satisfaction is key to profitability, and efficient last mile delivery is critical for a satisfying e-commerce shopping experience. 

While the process leading up to delivery isn’t visible to your customers, they experience your last-mile delivery system firsthand, which can make or break their impression of your company. 

Online shoppers demand a healthy mix of speed and convenience in their deliveries. They also want to have control over the process. For many, static delivery tracking numbers are a thing of the past; they want to be able to track their packages in real time. Having a last mile delivery partner that is responsive to these customer needs like live tracking will add another layer of positive experience for your customers.

Increased brand loyalty

Customers like to stick to brands that offer convenience and consistency in the online buying experience, and positive experiences help build brand loyalty. 

Having a reliable last mile delivery partner that provides fast or same day delivery along with upgraded features like real-time updates and flexible delivery options can help you stand apart from the competition. 

An added benefit is that satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your business to others and thereby contribute to expanding your consumer base. Your last mile delivery partner can help you drive business and improve sales by increasing customer satisfaction.

Reduced failed deliveries

Since customers can be out of their homes at certain times of the day, they may be unavailable to receive parcels during certain hours. What does this mean for your business? You face higher chances of failed deliveries, which increases the time it takes for a product to reach the customer. All this adds up to your shipping costs and takes away from a positive customer experience. 

An efficient and technologically sound last mile delivery service can be a game changer in such situations by allowing customers to select a convenient day and time of delivery. Features such as this and live tracking help keep customers in the loop and give them a sense of control over the delivery process. 

Assured speedy deliveries

Inefficient route planning and poor time management can cause delays in delivery, which can be especially frustrating for last-minute shoppers expecting their parcels on time. Trustworthy last mile delivery services use real-time delivery tracking software and route optimisation algorithms to reach customers on time and increase their satisfaction levels.

Delivery automation software can weigh variables like delivery windows, driver availability, location proximity, and route optimisation to suggest the quickest and most efficient delivery route, enabling speedy deliveries.

The Drive Yello platform helps businesses optimise their last-mile deliveries within metropolitan cities in Australia. The solution is completely customisable and offers the options of fast and same-day delivery. An all-in-one solution for last-mile delivery problems, Drive Yello provides efficient, reliable, and top-quality last mile logistics to help customers receive orders on time and enjoy an outstanding customer experience that reflects well on your business.

Author: Asheesh Chacko, Co-CEO

What Could On-Demand Delivery Mean For Your Business This Valentine’s Day?

At Drive Yello, we’ve got one mission: helping businesses deliver. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, we’re sure you’re gearing up to help loved-up shoppers find their perfect gifts. This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to consider how you can leverage our smart, ethical, and affordable on-demand delivery system to make shopping with you even easier. Read on to learn about our delivery options, consumer habits, and how you can leverage on-demand delivery in a few easy clicks through Drive Yello. 

Changing shopping habits in Australia 

Depending on the year and who you’re asking, between a third and a quarter of Aussies plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For any business, that’s an important retail occasion to capture.

It should also not come as a surprise that Australians are shopping online more than ever, with the Financial Review reporting a whopping $62 billion spent online in 2022. 80% of Australians shopped online last year, and, according to Savvy, nearly half of the shoppers surveyed said they expected faster delivery times in the future. Offering fast delivery is a great way to capture the attention of the modern Australian consumer.

Drive sales by being helpful this Valentine’s Day

This year, help busy customers by offering them fast delivery of your most gift-worthy products through Drive Yello. Making a dedicated effort to assist busy Valentine’s shoppers with quick and reliable deliveries can increase revenue, reduce cart abandonment, and drive overall brand awareness and customer satisfaction. 

We encourage you to think outside the box on how you can help shoppers show their love. Candy, greeting cards, and flowers still remain the top categories for V-Day spending, but gone are the days when flowers and chocolates were the perfect gifts for everyone. So don’t be discouraged if your products aren’t traditionally romantic: many shoppers want to put their unique spin on this special day (and their relationship), and what you’re selling could be the perfect gift. 

Choose the delivery option that’s right for you

Drive Yello helps metropolitan businesses Australia-wide with their deliveries. To assist businesses of all sizes, we’ve got a range of service models to best suit your needs.

To help with your deliveries this Valentine’s Day you can choose between: 

  • Booking a courier for a specific shift
  • On-demand delivery (ASAP or schedule a delivery)
  • BYO courier and use our SaaS technology

Booking a dedicated Drive Yello courier for a specific shift is perfect for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day when you have certain times or days you need to complete deliveries. When you book a Drive Yello courier for a shift, you can select the most suitable courier for your business from the Yello network of independent couriers (over 8,000 national couriers) and they will pick up and run deliveries exclusively for you. Drive Yello can also provide onboard training to the drivers. For example, if you are a florist looking to deliver on Valentine’s Day, you would want to ensure that your courier handles your flowers with care, understands the best way to transport bouquets in their car, keeps their air-conditioning on for freshness, and greets your customer with a smile. Don’t worry, we onboard your driver following your instructions and they can even wear something personalised for your business. 

You can also choose to take advantage of our on-demand delivery system, with ASAP or scheduled deliveries, letting your customers choose a delivery that best suits them. Drive Yello’s technology sends your orders through to Drive Yello’s courier marketplace for multiple pick-ups daily. Or you can bring your own couriers and use Drive Yello’s SaaS technology.    

Whichever option you choose, signup is simple through this link. If your business is integrated with Shopify or Shippit, you’re in luck: signup can be done in just a few clicks. 

We deliver for a wide variety of businesses Australia-wide, so if you’re curious to see if we can help you too, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Let us help you deliver smiles to your customers on Valentine’s Day! 

Are you Valentine’s ready? You know your customers and your business better than anyone, but we know delivery. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for local businesses to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty through helpful, thoughtful gifting experiences. So whether you’d prefer to secure your own private courier for the day, leverage our on-demand delivery system, or use our technology with your own couriers, give us a call on 1300 731 000, or get in touch through our website to find out more about how Drive Yello can help you deliver. 

Trends in Last Mile Delivery in 2022

With the e-commerce industry continuing to grow in Australia, it is not surprising that businesses are finding ways to streamline their last-mile delivery process. With so many options available, how will you know what will work best for your company? 

To help you find the best delivery partner for your company, we have compiled a list of five last mile delivery trends from 2022.


Global freight movement contributes an estimated 8% to yearly greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, according to the MIT climate portal. With the e-commerce boom we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of years, it can reasonably be assumed that last mile deliveries are responsible for a sizable chunk of that figure. 

Last-mile delivery can add huge amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere if not done efficiently. In 2022, many companies set up ways to optimise their last-mile deliveries, which helped reduce environmental harm (as well as cut delivery costs). 

With the increase in online deliveries, it is increasingly important for companies to optimise their last-mile deliveries and focus on being environmentally conscious.

Below are some steps you can take to reduce last mile delivery emissions and make the delivery process more sustainable:

  • Use software platforms like Drive Yello for route optimisation
  • Increase the number of urban warehouses for quicker and easier deliveries
  • Use parcel lockers to deliver to multiple customers simultaneously
  • Create slot-based windows for returns

In the future, we might witness the advent of delivery robots that make last-mile delivery more efficient and sustainable. Until then, businesses should take measures to reduce their carbon footprints.

At Drive Yello, we believe monitoring environmental sustainability is essential for every business, no matter how big it is. In the interest of putting our best foot forward, we have recently partnered with carbon emission management company, Trace

Trace is supplementing our efforts towards becoming a carbon neutral organisation by measuring and offsetting our net carbon emissions. Through this partnership, we aim to continue the recent yet promising trend of environment-conscious companies who are willing to make a change by setting an example for other organisations to follow. 

Speed and flexibility of deliveries

People want their online purchases to be delivered quickly, and e-commerce companies are responding to this demand by introducing same-day courier options for their customers.

This competitive delivery landscape makes it essential for companies to optimise their last-mile logistics and provide their customers with faster, more efficient, and customer-focused delivery options. Drive Yello is one such service provider that can help your business streamline the delivery process while reducing costs and driving customer satisfaction. Drive Yello does this by making it possible to book couriers for shifts and choose vehicle types, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Contactless delivery

The pandemic has led to a surge in customers looking for contactless delivery services. Last-mile delivery providers have consequently embraced contactless delivery features like digital payments, Electronic Proof of Delivery or e-POD software, and delivery notifications. With this trend likely to continue, companies should incorporate contactless delivery options to ensure the safety of both customers and delivery agents.

Easy returns/exchanges

With the increase in e-commerce shopping, so too has there been an increase in the number of returns. In 2022, many companies have offered their customers free return or exchange options. To execute customer returns, it is critical to devise an effective reverse logistics plan to improve business sustainability, reduce logistical expenses, and increase customer retention.

Keeping this in mind, Drive Yello now offers a return option to retailers. This feature can be used to allow customers to returns through the platform. Once a return is filed, a courier is sent to pick up the products and return them to the store, this may include clothing items that the customer wants to return or medical scripts that need to be sent to the pharmacy.

Smart tracking with location intelligence

In 2022, last-mile logistics companies used delivery updates and real-time tracking to inform customers exactly when their orders would arrive. These technology features reduce the number of failed deliveries and ensure customers are kept up-to-date with the timing of their deliveries, improving the overall customer experience.

Drive Yello allows businesses to create a customised last-mile delivery solution that best suits their needs. The Drive Yello suite of services is designed to provide faster deliveries, smart tracking, regular updates, and increased visibility. Whatever the size and scale of your business, contact Drive Yello today to streamline your deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.

Author: Asheesh Chacko, Co-CEO

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Why Should You Be Offering Same Day Deliveries?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest shopping days of the year. With the increase in online shopping over the last few years, more Aussies are resorting to shopping from the comfort of their homes instead of visiting crowded shopping centers.

In 2021, online spending rose 22.8% over the past year, driven by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In total, Aussies spent a massive $8 billion over the four days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 

What does this mean for your e-commerce business? You need to be prepared to meet the increase in orders coming your way during peak sales season. As consumer expectations for faster shipping continue to grow, offering your customers same-day delivery on your products is likely to improve your sales even further. 

Let’s explore some of the advantages same-day delivery service can bring to your order fulfillment process.

Same-day delivery services could be a game-changer for your business during the Black Friday season.

Drive Yello is a reliable last mile delivery partner that lets you track and manage deliveries efficiently. 

Drive Yello offers same-day delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses, making sure your products reach customers quickly and conveniently. 

Contact Drive Yello today for efficient last-mile delivery solutions.

Start selling directly to customers

The e-commerce market continues to grow at an exponential rate globally. Domestic e-commerce continues to swell, and Australian e-commerce revenue is expected to reach roughly 25 billion Australian dollars by 2025.

Many businesses have started using these e-commerce market opportunities and selling directly to end consumers. Direct selling is an effective way to cut out the middlemen and enhance your customer experience. As a brand, you can leverage direct selling and help your business grow.

Why you should sell directly to customers?

Once you cut out intermediaries like retailers, agents, and distributors and start selling directly to customers, you can have more control over customer experience, get access to customer data, expand into new markets on your own terms, and significantly increase your profit margins. 

How can you start selling directly to customers?

With lower overhead costs and an increased bottom line, adopting a direct selling strategy can help you compete and thrive in the globalised e-commerce environment. Running a profitable and successful business model through direct selling is easy. 

Make a website

Having a reliable website for your business will help establish credibility, generate more leads and increase sales. While building and maintaining a website from scratch can be challenging, you can use e-commerce platforms like Shopify to run and scale your business.

Outsource delivery services

By outsourcing your business’s deliveries, you can save huge costs on transportation and other associated expenses. Outsourced delivery services will help you offer your customers improved and faster turnaround times. Companies like Drive Yello offer fast and reliable delivery services to businesses.

Simplify the checkout process

Customers love a seamless shopping experience. You can fulfil their demands by optimising and simplifying the checkout process. You can do this by accepting payments through multiple channels and keeping things simple, secure, and fast.

Optimise the delivery process with Drive Yello

Drive Yello can help your business provide a seamless experience to your customers by doing the heavy lifting of last-mile delivery for you. We provide intelligent, reliable, and customisable delivery services to a range of businesses. 

Get started with Drive Yello today!

How Airwallex helped a Melbourne restaurant streamline their processes.

Drive Yello is all about innovation and technology and they recently partnered with Airwallex to help streamline payment processes for businesses.  To celebrate this partnership we have secured a USD$200 cashback for all new and existing Drive Yello customers. 

To learn more about how Airwallex can help businesses, we sat down with Justin Huang, co-founder of Pokéd, to tell us about his business and experience as an Airwallex customer.

Pokéd Case Study

Tell us a bit about your business & operations (online, in store, how many stores etc) 

Pokéd (pronounced poh-kayed) serves fresh and healthy Hawaiian Poké bowls. We opened our first Pokéd store in Melbourne CBD back in 2016 and have grown to 12 locations across Sydney and Melbourne over the last 6 years.


Tell us how you use Airwallex for your business? 

Employee Cards 🧑‍🍳 – Compared to the traditional big 4 banks, where it took weeks to set up cards for the managers, I was able to set up cards and spending limits within a matter of days for each manager based on their role in the business. I.e. We can give store managers $100 for ancillary costs whereas the operations team has $500. Having the flexibility to change these limits has not only saved us time, it has also provided us with more visibility on spending habits of each manager.

FX 🌏 – We don’t import regularly; but when we do, the Airwallex FX rate is significantly cheaper than its competitors. We have subscriptions like Shopify which are in USD and it is really handy that Airwallex’s cards don’t charge any FX fees.


Tell us how Airwallex has impacted your business? 

Cost Saving 💰 – This was the initial reason we signed up for Airwallex 6 years ago and they have delivered on this. 

Time Saving ⏰ – This is the real benefit of Airwallex. Not having to spend time on the phone to bankers just to open or cancel a card has been great. Everyone having their own card means reconciliations are quicker and we love the Xero integration.


What advice would you give to other businesses in the hospitality space?

To be completely honest, hospitality has been tough over the last few years – with lockdowns and materials costs on the rise. The Pokéd team is taking it one day at a time and continuously innovating and experimenting with new ideas so we can remain competitive in the market.

Click here to find out more about how you can earn USD200 cashback from Airwallex.

The environmental cost of delivery

Making every step of your delivery sustainable

Australia is one of the highest polluters and largest Co2 emitters worldwide per capita, accounting for 3% of global Co2 emissions. The transport and delivery sector is one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution in the country. While doorstep delivery of goods within hours from ordering offers ease to customers, the environmental cost of delivery is high.

Businesses face the environmental challenge of reducing their carbon footprint and making their delivery greener. If your brand offers doorstep delivery to customers, read on to find out how delivery impacts the environment and the steps you can take to make delivery sustainable.

What is the environmental cost of delivery?

The convenience of fast delivery is taking a toll on the environment. Fast delivery requires a higher number of resources and consumes more energy, making it especially carbon-intensive.

Increase in carbon emissions

An increase in the number of delivery vehicles leads to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. According to a study by the World Economic Forum, last-mile deliveries will cause related emissions to rise by 30% in 100 cities globally.

Product packaging waste

The growth of deliveries in e-commerce has resulted in a sharp rise in plastic and Styrofoam packaging waste. Both these materials are non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment. The use of plastic packaging will continue to rise and reach an estimated 4.5 billion pounds by 2025.

Refrigeration emissions

Transporting goods that require refrigeration is even more environmentally harmful. Refrigeration uses more energy, so a refrigerated delivery service vehicle generates higher emissions. 

How can you make delivery sustainable?

As a brand, devising a plan for eco-friendly delivery should be your top priority. Not only will it help in reducing your carbon footprint, but it will also enhance your brand image. 73% of consumers in Australia are willing to pay more for brands that demonstrate sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

By adopting a few accessible practices, you can make every step of your delivery sustainable.

Use eco-friendly vehicles or other fuel sources

Last-mile deliveries use the most resources. You can use electric vehicles for these deliveries or use vehicles that use other fuel sources such as biodiesel to cut down on carbon emissions. 

Choose green and sustainable packaging

Using greener and more sustainable packaging options can help you avoid contributing to packaging waste. You can use materials like compostable mailers, cornstarch packaging, air pillows, recycled paper, and corrugated cardboard.

Plan better delivery routes

You can significantly reduce your carbon emissions by outsourcing delivery to companies like Drive Yello. Drive Yello is a last-mile delivery solution that helps businesses bundle their order more efficently. This means that the same vehicle is likely to be delivering many more parcels on one trip, significantly reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Besides sustainability, choosing the shortest and most efficient routes will bring benefits like faster delivery and cost reduction.

Drive Yello offers top-of-the-line delivery services that let you customise your last-mile delivery solutions based on your business’s needs. We offer fast delivery, tracking, visibility and other services to help you increase customer satisfaction.

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