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Data-driven delivery solutions

Why data-driven delivery solutions are the key to better customer satisfaction

While lockdown restrictions enforced due to Covid are long gone, they have had a lasting effect on consumer behaviour worldwide. For instance, 43% of all consumers admit shopping online for products they previously bought at brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, close to 38% say they now prefer visiting eCommerce stores that provide better, more comprehensive experiences. These numbers highlight an important trend that has emerged in online retail over the past few years. 

An increasing number of consumers have been ditching brand loyalty for smarter, more efficient options that provide a better experience. Quick delivery is integral to a positive consumer experience when it comes to eCommerce. Hundreds of local warehouses and delivery agents make Amazon’s last-mile delivery network a formidable asset for them. 

So how can eCommerce businesses catch up to this? The only logical solution here is switching to innovative last-mile delivery options that: Are backed by extensive delivery networks, provide flexible and pocket-friendly fleet options, and allow you to collect and analyse delivery data to streamline your operations. 

Drive Yello’s comprehensive last-mile delivery solutions are helping businesses achieve this. Their customisable fleet options (that allow you to choose from multiple delivery types based number of items and delivery priority) can be used to build a dedicated delivery network that is both scalable and dynamic. Furthermore, their SaaS services allow you to integrate your existing fleet with a lucid, user-friendly digital platform that helps with everything from tracking deliveries to getting customer reviews. 

All data entered and tracked on Drive Yello’s platform (delivery times, customer reviews, express and multiple-day orders, etc.) is collected and analysed to produce actionable insights. These insights help businesses understand their last-minute delivery needs much better. These businesses can then add/remove fleet vehicles and drivers and make other required changes to their last-mile delivery network.

The platform’s route optimisation feature further leverages this data to craft customised delivery maps for faster, more efficient delivery of orders. Delivery service levels can be optimised to allocate resources to orders based on their priority. In this way, Drive Yello uses intelligent, data-driven insights to give your last-mile delivery systems the edge they need. Equipped with them, your business can work towards smoother user experiences that draw consumers towards your eCommerce brand.

How Does Your Package Travel

How Does Your Package Travel - Every Step From Receipt to Delivery

A product goes through multiple phases before it reaches your customer’s doorstep. With customers increasingly looking to receive products quickly, a number of companies have a system set in place for when a customer clicks “Buy.” The system automatically sends a note to the warehouse to start packing the product and simultaneously sends a note to a third-party logistics company to pick up the product from the warehouse. Many companies even offer same-day delivery services to their customers.

It’s important to understand all the steps involved in the delivery process if you want to provide your customer with a satisfactory shopping experience.

In this guide, we’ll look at the main steps involved in the shipping process and how you can improve your company’s entire delivery system.

Four steps of the shipping process

The shipping process begins with a customer ordering a product and ends with last mile delivery. There are four main steps involved that make up the entire shipping process. These are:

  • Receives the order
  • Processes the order
  • Fulfils the order
  • Last-mile delivery

These four steps influence how quickly you can prepare an order and deliver it to the customer. Let’s take a closer look:

Make your shipping process more efficient with Drive Yello

Streamline your shipping process using Drive Yello. We help you deliver your products faster and let you and your customers track where the courier has reached. This helps increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Challenges of Last Mile Delivery

How You Can Optimize Your Last Mile Deliveries

The last mile is often the most hectic phase of the delivery process. Impatient customers want to receive their orders almost instantly and are looking for companies that can provide them with expedited delivery.

To stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to find innovative ways to optimise your delivery process and overcome the challenges of the last mile. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can tweak your last mile delivery system for greater efficiency.

You need to consider many factors when planning a delivery route: driver schedules, traffic, and roadblocks. An efficient logistics system takes all these variables into account to build an optimal route, saving fuel and time. On-the-fly route decisions often lead to inefficiency and frustration, so it’s best to map out your routes before delivery day. 
Customers like to check where their orders are and how long it will take to receive them. A last mile delivery system should include features like live tracking for your customers to see where their orders are in real-time.

It’s also important for customers to be able to communicate with a driver or the last mile logistics company. For example, customers can leave messages like “Don’t ring the doorbell” when ordering or provide feedback to the driver through automated text messaging. Features like these increase customer satisfaction, help customers feel like their concerns are heard and add a human touch to the delivery system.

All too often, businesses are plagued with problems of missing orders or phantom deliveries. Last mile delivery is often a black hole – it is difficult to track what exactly happened if a customer does not receive an order when the delivery partner claims to have delivered it. It’s important for companies to keep verifiable records like ‘proof of delivery,’ which requires a driver to get a signature and scan a barcode before leaving the delivery location. Using an efficient last mile logistics company can bring transparency to your delivery system by helping you track and store these records, resulting in a smooth experience for both customers and delivery partners.
With customers expecting timely deliveries and same-day service, you need to minimise delays and have a contingency plan for any problematic situation that arises. By streamlining communication within the last mile logistics team, drivers can inform dispatch operators of any unforeseen delays so that customers can be informed as soon as possible.
For modern businesses, using the same old delivery tracking and feedback mechanisms isn’t good enough. While these systems do end up generating valuable data about the delivery process, it is usually incredibly coarse and needs to be thoroughly analysed in order to produce any actionable insight. 

Modern, AI driven last mile systems employ intelligent algorithms to automate the process. These systems closely monitor deliveries to collect data and use it to create optimum routes and fleet sizes to meet customer demand. They are also capable of predicting customer demands during different times of the day/year and reallocating delivery fleets accordingly.

Build your own customised last mile delivery service with Drive Yello. You can combine different Drive Yello products to suit the needs of your business. Post shifts on the marketplace, find professional drivers, book on-demand pickups, and track all your deliveries to optimise your last mile logistics and keep customers happy.

How To Boost Your Online Sales

5 Ways a Reliable Last Mile Delivery Service Can Skyrocket Your Small Business Sales

The last mile is the most challenging phase of the delivery process. Without an efficient delivery system in place, you could end up with failed deliveries and dissatisfied customers, hurting your business in the long run.

A reliable last mile delivery service can help you save time and money and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business without worrying about your product reaching the customer.

Here are five ways a reliable last mile delivery can help boost your sales:

1. It improves customer experience

Customers are looking for near-instant gratification when ordering items online. For example, they want to order something in the morning and have it delivered before they come home from work.

Having a last mile delivery system that you and your customers can trust can go a long way in improving the customer experience. Reliable last mile delivery services can help you meet expectations and keep your customer happy.

A satisfied customer is likely to recommend your product or service to their friends and family, boosting your sales.

2. It increases brand loyalty

Along with a good customer experience, a reliable last mile delivery service ensures that your business delivers its products consistently and on time. If customers are happy with your company’s service, they will likely stay loyal to your brand and continue to order from you.

3. It helps you stand out from the crowd

Australian shoppers spent a whopping $62.3 billion on online shopping in 2021. This accounted for almost one-fifth of all retail sales in the country. However, with this figure growing year on year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the rising demand for services like same-day delivery.

Fortunately, a reliable last mile delivery service like Drive Yello can help you meet these demands, making your company stand out from the rest of the competition and helping you increase sales.

4. Improve brand perception

Do you read online reviews before buying products? If so, you are not alone. 93% of people read online reviews before buying a product. However, if your company’s products are often delivered late because of last mile delivery problems, your social media team is likely to have a hard time dealing with all the negative reviews and comments. Needless to say, this is likely to result in reduced sales.

A dependable last mile delivery service can help you avoid one-star reviews. Once your product is ready to go, simply coordinate with the delivery company, and they’ll do the rest. 

5. Customise your delivery service

Completing the last mile of the delivery process is oftten challenging. An efficient, reliable, and quality delivery service like Drive Yello can help you build a customised solution for your delivery needs.

Drive Yello gives you complete flexibility, allowing you to send products on demand. We give you access to a fleet of 10,000+ delivery couriers across all metropolitan cities in Australia, providing near instant delivery options.

The Yello platform helps you track and manage your deliveries so that your customers receive their orders on time. You can head to the Yello marketplace to find book a dedicated couriers for a few hours shift, or even book a Yello pick ‘on demand’ if it’s a one-off delivery.

Don’t miss out on a single order. Partner with Australia’s number one last mile delivery service today.

4 Tips to Save More Money on Your Next Shipping

One of the biggest problems of last mile delivery mechanisms is their inefficiency. But why does this happen so often? 

Last mile delivery is the final, most crucial part of a typical delivery fulfilment chain. It deals with a number of uncertain factors like fulfilment urgency, different delivery routes and the availability of the delivery fleet. Any attempts at solving these problems should focus on making the delivery mechanisms more efficient by making the best use of all available resources. 

Further solutions can then explore acquiring resources like delivery vehicles and drivers in order to meet customer demands. Here are 4 tips/solutions that can help you save both time and money on your last mile deliveries : 

1. Charging according to delivery urgency

Urgent/special deliveries inevitably end up disrupting your last mile delivery chains. These orders need to be moved to the top of the priority list no matter when they are received and often contain fragile and/or edible material that needs to be delivered as quickly and safely as possible. This requires a dedicated fleet which ends up costing you more. A good way to make up for this expenditure is to charge an extra, fully visible fee to the customers for express deliveries. 

E-commerce sites like Amazon already offer express shipping in exchange for paid membership of their Amazon Prime program, which entitles subscribers to a number of benefits. Customers are usually willing to pay an extra fee for a premium service they can rely on. This can be done by adding an extra convenience fee at customer checkout or offering special subscription-based express delivery.

2. Efficient route planning

Inefficient routes can have your delivery agents going around in circles, burning through valuable time and fuel. This ends up putting a strain on your last mile delivery chains, which can then disrupt other deliveries. The key to avoiding this is planning the order in which each delivery agent completes their deliveries and the routes they take to do this. Both these parameters are adjusted to ensure that the maximum number of deliveries are made in the minimum amount of time via the shortest routes.

Automated route planning modules can help you automate the entire process. These programs require detailed delivery information (including urgency) to prepare a short and efficient route that will get the job done in the least amount of time.

3. Managing fleets better

Inefficient fleet management is another major reason for the failure of last mile delivery systems. Any full-scale e-commerce business (which can also be an SMB) is expected to handle many different types of deliveries at the same time. Using the same fleet for all of these might not be the wisest thing to do. 

It is more efficient to allocate delivery fleets dynamically based on estimated customer inflow and order urgency. For instance, if a restaurant sees the most delivery orders late at night, they should resize their fleets to ensure that the most delivery partners are available at night to meet the high customer demand.

4. Enabling fleet tracking

Fleet visibility is a characteristic that helps build inherent customer trust by allowing your customers to track all of their orders closely. The customers should be allowed to check the delivery status of their order, the estimated delivery date and time, and, if possible, the contact details of the delivery partner assigned for their order. This also helps reduce failed deliveries by allowing customers and the business to closely monitor the delivery process and identify any gaps.

At Drive Yello, we employ best-in-class automation systems to help you track and analyse your fleets for better performance. Our dynamic route management and fleet allocation systems ensure that all your resources are utilised aptly in order to provide your customers with the best delivery experience at the lowest possible costs.

Scheduling Just-in-Time Delivery to Save Costs

Save more money on deliveries

In the 1970s, executives at Japanese car manufacturer Toyota decided that the company could adapt more efficiently to changing trends and demands if they got rid of surplus inventory. Instead, they would only keep as much inventory as they needed.

Toyota’s innovative idea is what we call Just-in-Time delivery. Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery is great for small businesses and large corporations because it improves cash flow and reduces the amount of capital you need to keep handy.

Let’s look at a few more ways JIT can help you save costs and boost your business:

You can quickly move from one product to another

Due to rapidly changing trends and demands, you may feel the need to modify a product or move from one type of service to another. JIT delivery gives you the flexibility to change products without worrying about excess inventory.

Save money on storage

Managing storage is more convenient with JIT. For example, if you place an order with the manufacturer by telling them exactly how much inventory you need, the manufacturer will only send you that much. This helps you reduce inventory turnover days and the cost of storing the inventory in your warehouse.

Manufacturers don’t have to worry about cancelled orders

If an order is cancelled or unfulfilled, manufacturers are usually left with unwanted inventory that is left unclaimed. With JIT, orders are received as and when they’re needed, so there’s no risk of unwanted inventory lying around.

For example, Toyota and other car manufacturers usually operate low inventory levels. However, they’re dependent on their supply chains to deliver car parts when needed. JIT enables the car manufacturer to order the specific parts needed to build a car after a customer has placed their order, helping save costs.

The benefits of Just-in-Time delivery are quite evident. However, to run an efficient JIT delivery system, you need a lot of planning and coordination and an accurate tracking system.

Additionally, if you plan to offer JIT delivery, you need to have a reliable delivery system to deliver the product from your warehouse to your customers. Drive Yello is the perfect delivery partner to help you reap the benefits of Just-in-Time delivery and avoid the hassle of the last mile!

Factors affecting package delivery time

``My parcel was late``

The growth of online shopping is expected to increase the demand for on-demand delivery over the next few years, making reliable delivery systems a must for every retailer, restaurant chain, or service. 

Same-day delivery

In 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a premium service that promises its users two-day delivery. While two-day delivery was a revolutionary concept when first introduced, same-day delivery is now considered an essential service for most retailers.

The growing demand for same-day delivery has pushed companies to meet customer expectations. However, the majority of same-day delivery orders involve small packages that need to be delivered to multiple destinations, leading to delays and an increase in waiting times.

Failed deliveries

Most companies struggle with last-mile delivery, probably one of the toughest parts of the logistics process. Unfortunately, failed deliveries can be a regular occurrence with last mile deliveries. An order could fail for several reasons, such as:

  • Customers providing incorrect addresses – Delivery drivers may find it difficult to locate addresses that are not clear or easily identifiable. Sometimes, these orders could be delivered to the wrong address, leading to returns and delays until it reaches the correct address. This inevitably leads to rising costs and may eat into profitability.
  • Customers not present to receive the package – A delivery driver will make the long journey to deliver a package to find that the customer was not at home or was unreachable. A number of companies, especially those selling perishables or high-end products, prefer that the driver bring the package back, resulting in extra operational costs and further delays.

Poor route planning

Route planning is an important aspect of last mile delivery as it impacts delivery costs and the customer’s experience and satisfaction. If done correctly, companies can improve delivery times.

Poor route planning can lead to delays in the delivery process leading to companies receiving negative feedback from dissatisfied customers.

External factors

Last-mile delivery is often associated with unpredictable external factors beyond a company’s control, such as road traffic, unfavourable weather conditions, or logistical issues like flat tyres, malfunctioning engines, or work-related accidents.

Do you want to exceed your customers’ expectations and offer the quickest delivery in Australia? Partner with Drive Yello today – a reliable, on-demand last mile delivery service that can help your business stand out from the crowd!

Technology & Last Mile Delivery

How Can You Use Technology to Speed Up Last Mile Delivery?

Technological advancements as well as a booming ecommerce industry have led to an increase in newcomers to the delivery industry. 

With a number of delivery companies looking to adopt improved packaging, robots, drones, and other automated technology, it’s crucial for your business to keep up with the latest tech trends impacting last-mile delivery. 

Here are a few ways you can use technology to speed up your last mile delivery service:

Real-time driver tracking

Real-time tracking can give customers the live locations of their packages. Vehicles need to be fitted out with GPS trackers that enable customers to follow their road movements through a tracking link.

Automate changes in delivery status

Integrating technology within your last mile delivery service allows you to automate delivery status changes. This lets customers know what time to expect their product or if there’s a delay. Automated delivery status is an important feature that allows you to keep your customers in the loop and help meet their delivery expectations.

Automate route planning

Drivers will usually follow routes they are familiar with, even if they are slower than alternatives. Technology allows you to plan the most efficient routes for drivers by pinning the exact delivery location and the fastest way to get there. This ensures that drivers make their deliveries on time. 

Automated route planning considers external factors such as peak traffic hours, road conditions, and chances of rain and optimises delivery routes accordingly. You can also automate driver dispatch to remove the element of human error.

AI-based demand prediction

AI algorithms are capable of crunching large volumes of business data in order to create models that help businesses understand real-world processes like rising and falling customer demand. These algorithms use custom parameters, past data, and common sector knowledge (fed to them when they are ‘trained’) to come up with accurate demand models that help businesses predict future demand and adjust their fleets accordingly.

Centralised data management system

Centralised data management systems increase operational efficiency for last mile deliveries. Operators can monitor logistics and inventory, communicate with drivers, sort orders, and tend to customer queries in one central location that stores all the data for that company.

Drive Yello provides an all-in-one solution for every consumer-facing business in Australia with its efficient, reliable, and high quality last mile logistics. Track and manage all your deliveries in one place using Drive Yello’s last mile delivery platform built on state of the art technology designed to help you reduce delivery times and increase customer satisfaction. Partner with Australia’s best last mile delivery platform today!

Mother’s Day Deliveries

Did you know that Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days for Australia’s flower and restaurant industry? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australians spent as much as $2 billion on Mother’s Day a few years ago.

While it’s relatively easy to run a few Google and Facebook ads to acquire customers, getting the customers their gifts is a totally different ball game. And that’s why you need us! We’re a fast, efficient, and convenient way of getting your customers their Mother’s Day gifts on time. After all, no one wants to send their mother a bunch of withering flowers three days late.

In an industry as competitive as retail gifting, sticking to slower, less efficient delivery mechanisms would mean losing customers. With the Mother’s Day frenzy just around the corner, we can help you monitor and manage customer traffic better than ever before.

Our intuitive platform keeps you in the loop right from the time a courier is requested till the delivery is completed and verified by our trained courier drivers. It also has a special provision for customer feedback that helps you constantly streamline and improve your process.

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s leading retail brands like Woolworths, Coles, and BWS to run incredibly successful last-mile delivery campaigns. Sign up with us, and we’ll give you a customised, dynamic courier delivery plan that can help your business not only tackle but also take advantage of the increased Mother’s Day traffic.

Pharmaceutical Deliveries in 2022

Between 13th March 2020 and 12th February 2022, 16.8 million Australians interacted with 91,087 practitioners.

With the increasing number of remote appointments come digital prescriptions that help patients keep close track of their medicines and aid hospitals with EHR maintenance. Pioneering e-pharmacies allow patients to forward these scripts for quick, automated deliveries.

To make sure your pharmacy chain stands out against the competition, you need a reliable last mile delivery partner that can offer safe and efficient deliveries for all your orders. With Drive Yello, you can avail verified on-demand deliveries. We can help your business provide:

1. Safer deliveries

Our drivers are trained to provide a superior customer experience. Each driver is made aware of your company policy and the standard practices you recommend in order to provide a better service to your clients. Complete with ID verification, Drive Yello’s stringent driver certification and listing process ensure all your deliveries are made by trained professionals who understand the importance of the safe and timely delivery of medicines.

2. Better order management

We provide you with a SaaS platform that can help you streamline your delivery process. The platform can be used as a one-stop shop for everything from delivery tracking to invoicing and billing of the courier services provided. You can manage your existing fleet better/add to it, tailoring your last minute delivery mechanism to perfectly fit your needs.

3. Flexibility

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their needs. The last mile delivery solution you are looking for depends on the cities you deliver in and the delivery options you offer. With Drive Yello, you can choose to avail express same-day delivery or special courier orders for those cold/flu season spikes where some extra help is necessary. Our solution helps you create a dynamic delivery mechanism that can be altered on the go to fit your business’s needs.

Millions of electronic prescriptions delivered to date are proof that patients value efficiency and convenience above anything else. We empower you with solutions that can help streamline the process from start to end and allow for safer, more efficient delivery of all types of e-prescriptions.

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