How can your brand benefit from a delivery partner

Published on
October 15, 2022

A survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year revealed that a third of the country’s population (33%) felt rushed or pressed for time on a daily basis. Like any other lifestyle trend, this inevitably translates to a long-term change in consumer behaviour. What does this mean for businesses? That people are now looking for faster, more convenient product deliveries, and you, as a business, are expected to meet this new demand in order to keep your customers satisfied. 

How? Through intelligent last-mile delivery solutions. Partnering with a last-mile delivery provider can help you streamline your delivery processes and make them more efficient (faster and cheaper) than ever before. Here’s how your brand can benefit from partnering with a reliable delivery service.

Leverage delivery data to produce insights

Intelligent last-mile delivery providers allow you to collect and analyse delivery data. This includes average delivery time, most common routes, fastest and slowest routes and other important data that can be analysed to produce actionable insights for your business. Based on these insights, you can dynamically change your delivery processes to make sure they remain efficient.

For example, if a specific time of the day sees the slowest deliveries due to route traffic, you can allocate the slot to compact vehicles or two-wheelers, which can navigate congested routes better. 

Track deliveries in real-time

Intelligent last-mile delivery providers usually allow both you and your customers to track their orders in real-time. This helps develop a sense of trust among the customers, which ultimately translates to better customer relationships for your business. It also helps make the process more transparent and open to close monitoring. 

Moreover, most of these tracking apps/services come with a verification window where the delivery drivers are required to submit proof of delivery approved by the customer. 

Automate delivery workflows

One of the most tedious parts of the last-mile delivery process is allocating orders to delivery agents. With an intelligent solution, each driver is assigned orders automatically based on their delivery routes, proximity to each other, and delivery urgency. After each successful delivery, this list is refreshed and updated so as to minimise the travelling distance. 

Reduce the cost of delivery

There’s nothing customers appreciate more than a discounted or cheaper delivery. Using an external last-mile delivery partner means that you don’t need to hire a delivery team full-time or keep them on your payroll. Needless to say, this reduces costs because you’re using the delivery team only on an as per needed basis. This means you can charge less for deliveries and give yourself an edge over your competitors. You can pass this benefit on to your customers by giving regular customers special coupons that entitle them to delivery discounts. 

Drive Yello’s intelligent last-mile delivery services can help you serve your customers and their needs better by delivering their orders faster. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest, most reliable last-mile delivery providers in Australia!