Benefits of using gig-economy workers for last mile deliveries

Published on
August 4, 2023
Benefits of using gig-economy workers for last mile deliveries

The increased pressure on e-commerce retailers has highlighted the integral role of last mile logistics in the supply chain. Businesses are looking for a way to optimise last mile delivery to carry out quick and efficient delivery of consumer goods while managing operating costs in inner city areas.

The gig economy has helped transform last mile deliveries, making the process more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Businesses no longer need to maintain a massive fleet of vehicles or hire hundreds of full-time workers to offer same-day or next-day deliveries.

Here are four benefits of using gig economy workers for last mile deliveries:

Scale as per your needs

The gig economy provides delivery solutions with unprecedented flexibility. It allows businesses to deliver goods on demand without having many employees on their full-time payroll.

Since you can avail the services of gig economy workers as per the needs of the business, you can scale up during peak hours and cut back when fewer deliveries are required. This also reduces inefficient downtime periods, and you only need to pay as per the jobs completed.

Save the cost of managing vehicles

In a traditional delivery model, you would need to own and maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles, making last mile delivery an expensive task. However, with the power of the gig economy, you can work with independent vehicle owners to deliver orders in specific areas. 

Such tasks can be outsourced with minimal capital investments, reducing the barriers to entry.

Reduce environmental damage

Gig economy delivery logistics work on a location-based crowdsourced model to connect you with expert couriers in the area. These couriers can further be connected to platforms like Drive Yello that help them avoid traffic and find the best possible route at any time of the day. Doing this reduces fuel wastage caused by travelling long distances to deliver a product.

Work with local drivers

When you hire independent workers as gig economy drivers, you’re working with locals who are familiar with the area and will often know the fastest routes to get to their destinations. This generates local employment and drives a sense of community.

Partner with Drive Yello for last mile deliveries

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