Retail Trends With Last Mile Delivery

Published on
July 3, 2023
Retail Trends With Last Mile Delivery

More Australians are shopping online than ever before. According to a 2022 shopping report by Australia Post, Australians spent a record $62.3 billion on online shopping in 2021, a number that’s expected to double within the next five years.

What does this mean for your business? It means that if you play your cards right and leverage market trends well, you can ride the e-commerce wave to build a booming business. 

Let’s look at a few market trends that are worth making a note of:

Rise of Super Shoppers

Australia Post’s Online Spending Report for 2022 showcases an exponential rise in Super Shoppers - individuals or households that shop online more than once a week and buy from over 40 retailers each year. According to the report, there are 1.4 million such households in Australia. Together, they account for half of all online purchases in the country. 

The steep rise of Super Shoppers suggests that Australians are increasingly venturing online for product and service purchases. For online retailers, this means they need to provide great customer experiences to maintain and grow their customer base. 

Demand for same-day delivery 

Online shoppers are willing to pay extra for faster deliveries. The State of Shipping Report, 2022, found that 75% of customers have paid more to get their orders faster than the standard or free shipping time offered by retailers. 

To keep up with customer trends like these, online retailers must find ways to improve delivery times and offer faster and same day deliveries wherever possible. Third-party delivery services like Drive Yello can help achieve this with customised last-mile delivery solutions that cost less and are more efficient. 

Demand for easier returns and exchanges 

Ensuring easy returns and exchanges is essential to providing good customer service in e-retail. A new study titled ‘From Clicks To Ships’ found that 52% of online consumers in Australia reported a greater likelihood of shopping with retailers that offer multiple points of return. 

Customers who can make returns easily are likely to trust your brand and return to shop with you again. Given that, it’s essential for your business to enable customers to file quick and easy returns. 

Drive Yello’s fully customisable last-mile delivery solutions can help you leverage these e-retail trends efficiently. With fast and same-day delivery options and an automatic return feature, Drive Yello ensures that you provide your customers with a best-in-class customer experience. The automatic return feature was recently added due to several requests from retailers, this feature allows customers to file for instant returns, and exchanges, with every delivery. 

If your customers are dissatisfied with a product, and want to return or exchange it, they can simply contact the retailer who can file for an automated return. The courier will be notified and will pick up the returned products from the customer and return them to you. Couriers can also be instructed to return any item they might have picked up during delivery, such as products that are being exchanged or returning medical scripts to pharmacies when medicines are delivered.