Meal Kit Deliveries

Published on
February 1, 2022
Meal Kit Deliveries

One of the biggest hassles of running a cloud kitchen or meal kit delivery business is ensuring the safe and timely delivery of parcels to customers. Unlike retail e-commerce, these deliveries need to be completed within a few hours. Other challenges include keeping the food uncontaminated, fresh, and in a condition ideal for immediate consumption (nobody likes melted ice cream and soggy bread). This is why meal kit delivery services like yours need a reliable last-mile courier partner. 

At Drive Yello, we offer meal kit delivery solutions for food businesses. Our quick, efficient, and 100% safe same-day delivery service ensures a phenomenal customer experience for everyone who orders through your meal kit service. Here’s how we make it possible:

Driver certification

Drive Yello only hosts drivers that pass a rigorous vetting process. These drivers are then trained to understand the company policy and our standard practices. Following this, the drivers are required to upload all certifications and identification details. This helps your business ensure that only the best, most efficient, and well-trained drivers partner with you as food delivery agents.

Proof of delivery

Drive Yello’s mandatory verification steps include proof of delivery, ID checks, and a signature on delivery. This ensures that all your orders are fulfilled on time and in compliance with all relevant food and safety guidelines.


Many food businesses, especially SMBs, require a last mile delivery platform that is as flexible as it is reliable. Urgent and demand-based deliveries are both fulfilled by Drive Yello as quickly and efficiently as your normal ones. You can also hire more drivers to cover extra-busy delivery shifts and even add to your in-house delivery fleet with us.

Automated invoicing

With Yello, we offer automated billing and invoicing that allows you to pay for your deliveries right on the platform. We ensure that all of your payment and invoicing is automatic, reducing administration costs.

Online food delivery is arguably one of the fast-growing business sectors today. It is a $150 billion global market that has expanded at sky-rocketing rates over the last few years. Unicorns like Korea’s Coupang have been able to achieve great success within a few years of their launch on the back of one very important asset – a rock solid delivery system. These companies have repeatedly invested in a very tight-knit network of delivery agents that can deliver food anywhere in the country within minutes. 

If you, too, are looking to grow at that rapid pace, you need to partner up with Drive Yello today!