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November 15, 2023
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As the holiday season fast approaches and we gear up for the anticipated surge in demand, we feel it's the perfect time to peel back the curtain and delve into the dynamic world of our dedicated couriers. 

Today, our spotlight is on Martene S from Sydney, a courier whose unwavering commitment and infectious passion for her role have truly set her apart. In the hustle and bustle of deliveries during this busy season, it's couriers like Martene who embody the essence of exceptional service. Their dedication goes beyond merely transporting packages; it's about creating moments of joy and ensuring that every delivery contributes to the spirit of the holidays.

How long have you worked as a courier, and what inspired you to pursue this profession?

Martene: I joined as a courier in April 2022, inspired by the opportunity to meet new people every day and provide exceptional customer service. Leaving a positive impression on our retail partners and their customers is something I particularly take pride in.

When you're preparing for a day of deliveries, do you have any specific preferences or routines that help you stay organised and provide excellent service to your customers?

Martene: I make sure to get a good night's sleep, typically going to sleep around 9-10 PM the night before, to ensure I can wake up at 6 AM and avoid traffic. I grab breakfast in the area and then wait for jobs to come in. A successful courier doesn't just stop at a good night's sleep and early rising. To go the extra mile and make every delivery exceptional, I've incorporated several key practices into my routine. One of these essential practices is to be proactive in offering assistance to our customers.

I firmly believe that exceptional customer service goes beyond merely delivering packages; it means anticipating and addressing our customers' needs and concerns.

Every courier has their own unique style and approach to making deliveries. What are some personal touches or practices you incorporate to provide exceptional customer service?

Martene: I make it a point to contact the customer and ask if they'd like any assistance, whether it's bringing their deliveries into their home or leaving them at the door. Offering assistance like helping unpack groceries, especially to elderly customers, often makes a big difference. I aim to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Can you tell us about your favourite delivery experience?

Martene: One of my memorable experiences is when I deliver to customers named Caroline and Helen. Caroline prefers that I place the orders in the trolley at her residence, while Helen requires extra assistance, and she mentioned that no other courier had offered such help. Both of them appreciate it, and knowing that they would like me to deliver for them again makes me happy.

In your experience, what are some of the common challenges you face while delivering, and how do you overcome them to meet customer expectations?

Martene: Occasionally, customers might claim their orders weren't delivered, even when they were, and request a refund. In such cases, I follow up to ensure the situation is resolved. 

There are scenarios where I encounter challenges that are, to some extent, beyond my control. One such instance is when stores lack sufficient staff to assist couriers promptly. Unfortunately, there's not much we, as couriers can do in such cases, except communicate effectively with the store and do our best within the existing circumstances.

However, it's crucial to note that improving the cooperation between couriers and retailers can significantly enhance the overall delivery experience for customers. Having more store staff available to assist couriers, especially during peak delivery times, would streamline the process and ultimately allow us to meet delivery windows more efficiently.

What advice do you have for fellow couriers on delivering with excellence, especially during the holiday season?

Martene: Planning your day ahead of time is a key element in ensuring that your deliveries run smoothly. This means looking at your schedule, understanding the routes, and optimising your delivery plan. By doing this, you not only save precious minutes but also ensure that you can meet your delivery windows effectively.

Nutrition plays a vital role in keeping you energised and focused during your workday. By organising your meals, you can ensure that you're not running on an empty stomach.

Passion for your work is the secret ingredient that elevates the entire delivery experience. Your enthusiasm is contagious and leaves a lasting impression on everyone you encounter, from retailers to customers. 

Once you accept an order, consider it your commitment. Completing the delivery should be your goal, and every order you complete adds to your reliability. Consistency is a hallmark of a great courier. Cancelling orders can not only disappoint retailers but also inconvenience customers.

Patience is a virtue, and in the courier business, it's an essential one. You'll encounter a variety of situations during your deliveries, from navigating through traffic to dealing with unforeseen delays. Staying patient in these moments not only ensures that you maintain your professionalism but also reflects positively on the entire delivery experience.

Could you share customer feedback or appreciation that made you feel proud of the work you do as a Drive Yello courier?

Martene: Many customers try to tip me, but I often suggest they leave a good review instead since they are already paying for the service. It's fulfilling to know that our efforts are recognised and appreciated.

Here’s the feedback Martene received from recent customers:

“Martene was a delight. One of our bags of popcorn had burst and she went back to the junction and returned it later. Above and beyond and very polite. 6/5”
“Martene was truly wonderful! She asked about my day and offered to help me get my bags to my kitchen - something none of the couriers have ever offered to do. (I am disabled). Nothing arrived crumpled or damaged - she took a great deal of care. “
“Very quick, gentle with my goods, and friendly. Thank you.”
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