Start selling directly to customers

Published on
November 5, 2022

The e-commerce market continues to grow at an exponential rate globally. Domestic e-commerce continues to swell, and Australian e-commerce revenue is expected to reach roughly 25 billion Australian dollars by 2025.

Many businesses have started using these e-commerce market opportunities and selling directly to end consumers. Direct selling is an effective way to cut out the middlemen and enhance your customer experience. As a brand, you can leverage direct selling and help your business grow.

Why you should sell directly to customers?

Once you cut out intermediaries like retailers, agents, and distributors and start selling directly to customers, you can have more control over customer experience, get access to customer data, expand into new markets on your own terms, and significantly increase your profit margins. 

Increased profit margins

Intermediaries mark up the price of goods to cover their costs and make a profit. Distribution and retail cost money and make a product more expensive. By selling directly to customers, you can sell your products at a lower price while increasing your profits.

Better customer experience

When you sell through retail outlets or other intermediaries, you have no control over the experience that your customers receive. Whereas selling directly lets you manage the entire customer experience, right from giving personalised service to building better relationships with customers.

Expand into new markets

After you start to directly sell to your customers, you’ll have complete control over which markets you want to tap into. By expanding into new markets on your own terms, you’ll be able to increase your customer base and create economies of scale.

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How can you start selling directly to customers?

With lower overhead costs and an increased bottom line, adopting a direct selling strategy can help you compete and thrive in the globalised e-commerce environment. Running a profitable and successful business model through direct selling is easy. 

Make a website

Having a reliable website for your business will help establish credibility, generate more leads and increase sales. While building and maintaining a website from scratch can be challenging, you can use e-commerce platforms like Shopify to run and scale your business.

Outsource delivery services

By outsourcing your business’s deliveries, you can save huge costs on transportation and other associated expenses. Outsourced delivery services will help you offer your customers improved and faster turnaround times. Companies like Drive Yello offer fast and reliable delivery services to businesses.

Simplify the checkout process

Customers love a seamless shopping experience. You can fulfil their demands by optimising and simplifying the checkout process. You can do this by accepting payments through multiple channels and keeping things simple, secure, and fast.

Optimise the delivery process with Drive Yello

Drive Yello can help your business provide a seamless experience to your customers by doing the heavy lifting of last-mile delivery for you. We provide intelligent, reliable, and customisable delivery services to a range of businesses. 

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