Pharmaceutical Deliveries in 2022

Published on
March 7, 2022

Between 13th March 2020 and 12th February 2022, 16.8 million Australians interacted with 91,087 practitioners.

With the increasing number of remote appointments come digital prescriptions that help patients keep close track of their medicines and aid hospitals with EHR maintenance. Pioneering e-pharmacies allow patients to forward these scripts for quick, automated deliveries.

To make sure your pharmacy chain stands out against the competition, you need a reliable last mile delivery partner that can offer safe and efficient deliveries for all your orders. With Drive Yello, you can avail verified on-demand deliveries. We can help your business provide:

1. Safer deliveries

Our drivers are trained to provide a superior customer experience. Each driver is made aware of your company policy and the standard practices you recommend in order to provide a better service to your clients. Complete with ID verification, Drive Yello’s stringent driver certification and listing process ensure all your deliveries are made by trained professionals who understand the importance of the safe and timely delivery of medicines.

2. Better order management

We provide you with a SaaS platform that can help you streamline your delivery process. The platform can be used as a one-stop shop for everything from delivery tracking to invoicing and billing of the courier services provided. You can manage your existing fleet better/add to it, tailoring your last minute delivery mechanism to perfectly fit your needs.

3. Flexibility

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their needs. The last mile delivery solution you are looking for depends on the cities you deliver in and the delivery options you offer. With Drive Yello, you can choose to avail express same-day delivery or special courier orders for those cold/flu season spikes where some extra help is necessary. Our solution helps you create a dynamic delivery mechanism that can be altered on the go to fit your business’s needs.

Millions of electronic prescriptions delivered to date are proof that patients value efficiency and convenience above anything else. We empower you with solutions that can help streamline the process from start to end and allow for safer, more efficient delivery of all types of e-prescriptions.