Data-driven delivery solutions

Published on
October 2, 2022

Why data-driven delivery solutions are the key to better customer satisfaction

While lockdown restrictions enforced due to Covid are long gone, they have had a lasting effect on consumer behaviour worldwide. For instance, 43% of all consumers admit shopping online for products they previously bought at brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, close to 38% say they now prefer visiting eCommerce stores that provide better, more comprehensive experiences. These numbers highlight an important trend that has emerged in online retail over the past few years. 

An increasing number of consumers have been ditching brand loyalty for smarter, more efficient options that provide a better experience. Quick delivery is integral to a positive consumer experience when it comes to eCommerce. Hundreds of local warehouses and delivery agents make Amazon’s last-mile delivery network a formidable asset for them. 

So how can eCommerce businesses catch up to this? The only logical solution here is switching to innovative last-mile delivery options that: Are backed by extensive delivery networks, provide flexible and pocket-friendly fleet options, and allow you to collect and analyse delivery data to streamline your operations. 

Drive Yello’s comprehensive last-mile delivery solutions are helping businesses achieve this. Their customisable fleet options (that allow you to choose from multiple delivery types based number of items and delivery priority) can be used to build a dedicated delivery network that is both scalable and dynamic. Furthermore, their SaaS services allow you to integrate your existing fleet with a lucid, user-friendly digital platform that helps with everything from tracking deliveries to getting customer reviews. 

All data entered and tracked on Drive Yello’s platform (delivery times, customer reviews, express and multiple-day orders, etc.) is collected and analysed to produce actionable insights. These insights help businesses understand their last-minute delivery needs much better. These businesses can then add/remove fleet vehicles and drivers and make other required changes to their last-mile delivery network.

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The platform’s route optimisation feature further leverages this data to craft customised delivery maps for faster, more efficient delivery of orders. Delivery service levels can be optimised to allocate resources to orders based on their priority. In this way, Drive Yello uses intelligent, data-driven insights to give your last-mile delivery systems the edge they need. Equipped with them, your business can work towards smoother user experiences that draw consumers towards your eCommerce brand.