Scale your business by offering your customers same-day delivery

Published on
March 29, 2023
Scale your business by offering your customers same-day delivery

Australians are shopping online like never before. According to Australia Post’s 2022 e-commerce report, they spent a record $62.3 billion online in 2021. Customers have thousands of stores and e-commerce platforms to choose from, and providing same-day delivery helps you stand out from your competitors.

If your business isn’t offering same-day delivery yet, you are losing out. Australian consumers want their products to be delivered quickly, preferably on the same day

Here are some ways in which same-day delivery can scale your business:

Reduces cart abandonment

Research conducted by the Baynard Institute suggests that the average cart abandonment rate is almost 70%, with 22% of customers citing slower-than-expected delivery for their decision. 

Same-day delivery is one way you can encourage potential customers to complete their orders, reducing cart abandonment and increasing your sales.

Increases revenue

It’s no secret that customers would like to get their order delivered as soon as possible but did you know they’re willing to pay more for the convenience? Invespcro’s same day delivery statistics state that 61% of consumers  would agree to pay extra for quicker delivery. However, quicker delivery doesn’t mean within two or three days; 96% of consumers now consider ‘fast delivery’ to mean same-day. Brands can charge higher shipping fees to provide this service, resulting in higher revenue.

Additionally, as per Bizrate Insights survey of 1047 Australian shoppers on conversion rate, 68% of consumers say fast shipping leads them to place an order online, making it a make-or-break factor in a user buying your products.

Lowers inventory costs

With same-day delivery, businesses can reduce their storage costs. Since the stock enters and exits the shops quickly, the business needs to store less daily inventory, thereby reducing expenditure in the long run.

Moreover, by delivering perishable and fragile products on the same day, you don’t need to invest heavily in temperature-controlled warehousing.

Boosts customer satisfaction

Happy customers are key to your company’s success, and same-day delivery boosts customer satisfaction. It shows customers that their time and business are valuable to you and you’re willing to go the extra mile to prioritise their needs.

Helps in customer retention 

Digital marketing company Etraffic states that the cost of customer acquisition has increased by over 50% in the last five years, making it essential to give existing customers a reason to stick around.

If you provide customers with their preferred delivery options, it is likely that they will continue shopping with you. Consumer research conducted by in 2021 has found that 85% of customers will take their business elsewhere in search of faster delivery times. 

Simplify same-day delivery with Drive Yello

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