Offer Fast Deliveries this Mother's Day with Drive Yello

Published on
April 24, 2023
Last Mile Deliveries Made Easy

Is your business set up for success ahead of Mother’s Day? Whether it’s in celebration of our mum, our partners’ mum, a mother-to-be, a pet mum, or whoever you want to treat, there are many ways Aussies show love on Mother’s Day. According to a 2022 study by the Australian Retail Association and Roy Morgan, Australians spent around $754 million dollars on their mothers for Mother’s Day, with the average anticipated spend sitting at $80. Simply put, Aussies love to spoil their mums, and with fast delivery, your business can help them do so. Keep reading to find out how businesses Australia-wide are leveraging last mile delivery companies to help increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and grow their customer base, and how you can, too.

The importance of fast delivery on Mother's Day

Whether you run a flower shop, a clothing boutique, a food shop, or something else, we are sure you are providing your customers with delivery options. Australians’ shopping habits have changed, and as many as 80% of Australians bought something online last year. Overall in 2022, Australians spent a staggering $62 billion online according to the Financial Review. According to Savvy, roughly half of shoppers surveyed expected faster delivery times in the future. Offering fast delivery is a great way for both brick and mortar and online businesses to tap into this fast-growing economy, especially for special occasions like Mother’s Day that can sometimes sneak up on us in our busy day-to-day lives.

Delivery with Drive Yello, made simple

We take the stress and confusion out of delivering. Drive Yello is trusted by businesses Australia-wide to deliver their products efficiently, pleasantly, and safely. We help national businesses such as Woolies, Coles, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, and EB Games, as well as small independent businesses, deliver to their customers. With Drive Yello, there’s a delivery option for every business. You can choose the delivery option that best suits your needs and budget from the following:

Booking a courier for a specific shift

If you’d like a courier (or a few) to deliver exclusively for you, booking a dedicated Drive Yello courier for a specific shift is a great option. That way you can schedule your deliveries as you go, train your professional courier exactly how you would like your products to be delivered, and even give them a uniform to wear. This is a great option for Mother’s Day when you have certain times or days you need to deliver a larger than normal volume of orders. We’ll help you prepare for the increase in online sales by using block shift drivers or pre-scheduling deliveries in the lead up to Mother’s Day. To reduce delivery costs and ensure timely deliveries, you can also bundle multiple orders into one run. So take your pick of couriers from the Yello network of over 8000 independent couriers nationally, and they will pick up and run deliveries exclusively for you. Drive Yello will also provide onboard training to the drivers to make sure their service is tailored to your business. 

On-demand delivery (ASAP or schedule a delivery)

You can also choose to take advantage of our on-demand delivery system, with ASAP or scheduled deliveries, letting your customers choose a delivery that best suits them. Drive Yello’s technology sends your orders through to Drive Yello’s courier marketplace for multiple pick-ups daily. 

BYO courier and use our SaaS technology

Or, if you already have your own courier prepped and ready to handle your deliveries, but you’d like to make sure they run smoothly and efficiently, you can bring your own couriers and use Drive Yello’s intuitive SaaS technology.    

No matter which option you prefer, contact us for a demo on our For Business page. If your business is already integrated with Shopify or Shippit, signup can be done in just a few clicks. We tailor our delivery solutions to a wide range of Australian businesses, and we can do the same for you. Whether you know exactly which delivery option would best suit your needs, or you’d like to chat to us to learn more, we’re here to help.

We bet you’re passionate about what you do. This passion is likely why you started your business in the first place! In the lead up to Mother’s Day, tap into this passion to find new, meaningful ways to be helpful to your customers. It’ll make a big difference to you, to your customers, and likely, your revenue.

Some ways to be helpful: 

  • Let prospective customers know that you’ve got Mother’s Day appropriate gifts through advertising, signs, or a newsletter. We’re all busy, and sometimes a helpful reminder of what’s available can make all the difference
  • Create bundles or a beautiful display of your most giftable products for a variety of mums to love. Even better, price a few at the $80 pricemark that the ARA reported Aussies were planning to spend on their Mother’s Day gifts
  • Offer to write them a heartfelt note to go with their gift. You could even have a list handy for what they can write if they can’t think of something
  • Offer easy delivery to allow your customers to gift authentically from the comfort of their home, or office, or on the go 

Helpful ways to make the delivery process easier

So, what does easy delivery look like with Drive Yello? Here are some ways you can make the delivery process even easier for your customers on the day. 

  • Offer your customers several delivery window options to ensure their deliveries are being delivered at a time that’s convenient to them (or when they know their mum’s at home!) 
  • Offer Authority to Leave in a safe place (this is a great option if the sender is not quite sure when their mum will be home)
  • Offer a re-delivery option for when the recipient is not at home 
  • Allow the customer to be able to easily return the products to the store

Let’s set you up for delivery success

Simply put, Drive Yello has taken the headache out of managing the logistics of last mile delivery, so that you don’t have to worry about it. From the first hello till orders are flying out your door, we’ll be there with you to ensure that you are equipped to set up your business for on-demand delivery success. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and your customers want fast delivery! What are you waiting for – say hello!