How Airwallex helped a Melbourne restaurant streamline their processes

Published on
October 27, 2022

Drive Yello is all about innovation and technology and they recently partnered with Airwallex to help streamline payment processes for businesses.  To celebrate this partnership we have secured a USD$200 cashback for all new and existing Drive Yello customers. 

To learn more about how Airwallex can help businesses, we sat down with Justin Huang, co-founder of Pokéd, to tell us about his business and experience as an Airwallex customer.

Pokéd Case Study

Tell us a bit about your business & operations (online, in store, how many stores etc) 

Pokéd (pronounced poh-kayed) serves fresh and healthy Hawaiian Poké bowls. We opened our first Pokéd store in Melbourne CBD back in 2016 and have grown to 12 locations across Sydney and Melbourne over the last 6 years.

Tell us how you use Airwallex for your business? 

  • Employee Cards 🧑‍🍳 – Compared to the traditional big 4 banks, where it took weeks to set up cards for the managers, I was able to set up cards and spending limits within a matter of days for each manager based on their role in the business. I.e. We can give store managers $100 for ancillary costs whereas the operations team has $500. Having the flexibility to change these limits has not only saved us time, it has also provided us with more visibility on spending habits of each manager.
  • FX 🌏 – We don’t import regularly; but when we do, the Airwallex FX rate is significantly cheaper than its competitors. We have subscriptions like Shopify which are in USD and it is really handy that Airwallex’s cards don’t charge any FX fees.

Tell us how Airwallex has impacted your business? 

  • Cost Saving 💰 – This was the initial reason we signed up for Airwallex 6 years ago and they have delivered on this. 
  • Time Saving ⏰ – This is the real benefit of Airwallex. Not having to spend time on the phone to bankers just to open or cancel a card has been great. Everyone having their own card means reconciliations are quicker and we love the Xero integration.

What advice would you give to other businesses in the hospitality space?

To be completely honest, hospitality has been tough over the last few years – with lockdowns and materials costs on the rise. The Pokéd team is taking it one day at a time and continuously innovating and experimenting with new ideas so we can remain competitive in the market.

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