How Can You Use Technology to Speed Up Last Mile Delivery?

Published on
May 15, 2022

Technological advancements as well as a booming ecommerce industry have led to an increase in newcomers to the delivery industry. With a number of delivery companies looking to adopt improved packaging, robots, drones, and other automated technology, it’s crucial for your business to keep up with the latest tech trends impacting last-mile delivery. 

Here are a few ways you can use technology to speed up your last mile delivery service:

Real-time driver tracking

Real-time tracking can give customers the live locations of their packages. Vehicles need to be fitted out with GPS trackers that enable customers to follow their road movements through a tracking link.

Automate changes in delivery status

Integrating technology within your last mile delivery service allows you to automate delivery status changes. This lets customers know what time to expect their product or if there’s a delay. Automated delivery status is an important feature that allows you to keep your customers in the loop and help meet their delivery expectations.

Automate route planning

Drivers will usually follow routes they are familiar with, even if they are slower than alternatives. Technology allows you to plan the most efficient routes for drivers by pinning the exact delivery location and the fastest way to get there. This ensures that drivers make their deliveries on time. 

Automated route planning considers external factors such as peak traffic hours, road conditions, and chances of rain and optimises delivery routes accordingly. You can also automate driver dispatch to remove the element of human error.

AI-based demand prediction

AI algorithms are capable of crunching large volumes of business data in order to create models that help businesses understand real-world processes like rising and falling customer demand. These algorithms use custom parameters, past data, and common sector knowledge (fed to them when they are ‘trained’) to come up with accurate demand models that help businesses predict future demand and adjust their fleets accordingly.

Centralised data management system

Centralised data management systems increase operational efficiency for last mile deliveries. Operators can monitor logistics and inventory, communicate with drivers, sort orders, and tend to customer queries in one central location that stores all the data for that company.

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