June 8, 2022 Anna

Factors affecting package delivery time

``My parcel was late``

The growth of online shopping is expected to increase the demand for on-demand delivery over the next few years, making reliable delivery systems a must for every retailer, restaurant chain, or service. 

Same-day delivery

In 2005, Amazon launched Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a premium service that promises its users two-day delivery. While two-day delivery was a revolutionary concept when first introduced, same-day delivery is now considered an essential service for most retailers.

The growing demand for same-day delivery has pushed companies to meet customer expectations. However, the majority of same-day delivery orders involve small packages that need to be delivered to multiple destinations, leading to delays and an increase in waiting times.

Failed deliveries

Most companies struggle with last-mile delivery, probably one of the toughest parts of the logistics process. Unfortunately, failed deliveries can be a regular occurrence with last mile deliveries. An order could fail for several reasons, such as:

  • Customers providing incorrect addresses – Delivery drivers may find it difficult to locate addresses that are not clear or easily identifiable. Sometimes, these orders could be delivered to the wrong address, leading to returns and delays until it reaches the correct address. This inevitably leads to rising costs and may eat into profitability.
  • Customers not present to receive the package – A delivery driver will make the long journey to deliver a package to find that the customer was not at home or was unreachable. A number of companies, especially those selling perishables or high-end products, prefer that the driver bring the package back, resulting in extra operational costs and further delays.

Poor route planning

Route planning is an important aspect of last mile delivery as it impacts delivery costs and the customer’s experience and satisfaction. If done correctly, companies can improve delivery times.

Poor route planning can lead to delays in the delivery process leading to companies receiving negative feedback from dissatisfied customers.

External factors

Last-mile delivery is often associated with unpredictable external factors beyond a company’s control, such as road traffic, unfavourable weather conditions, or logistical issues like flat tyres, malfunctioning engines, or work-related accidents.

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