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What started out as two very distinctive crazy discount shopping days, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, has now become an online frenzy weekend for great deals on all sorts of products from fashion to electronics. At DY we like to call it Black Cyber Weekend and this year it is from Friday 29th November till Monday 2nd December.

Black Friday originally focused on in-store discounts but in more recent years it has also leaked into the online world. There are still advantages to visiting the store if you get in early enough, as bigger discounts are made available to in-store customers. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, was created to specifically target online shoppers, which is obviously more convenient than waking up at 4:00 am and battling the crowds but also means you are competing with a wider audience and the item you are after can sell out quickly.

Both days are bumper e-commerce days, 66 Million people shopped online in the US on Black Friday and 81 Million on Cyber Monday in 2017. In 2018, Cyber Monday was the largest shopping day in history, making a record $7.9billion in the US. Cyber Monday offers are also being made available on the Sunday prior by some retailers, turning the whole weekend into a discount shoppers dream.

Black Cyber Weekend is not only a US phenomenon with more Australians not only buying from the US on these days but expecting Australian retailers to follow suit. With this online sales growth comes the expectation for greater convenience and that means, not only more deliveries (as opposed to click and collect) but faster delivery times.

Consumers have shown that faster or even more precise delivery times is what they are demanding.


Is your business ready for the increase in demand for convenience that will be expected on Black Cyber Weekend in 2019?


A Quick Checklist: Black Cyber Weekend Ready

  • Pick and pack: complete within an hour (express) or 3 hours (same day)
  • Pick up: From warehouse (same day) or retail stores (express)
  • Stock control: Stock management systems in place
  • Delivery: Integration of e-commerce platform with your courier provider (Drive Yello)

If you are a retailer currently offering Click and Collect or extended delivery then you probably have most of the above in place already. However, if you are looking to offer a same day service or even better, 1-3 hours, then Drive Yello can work with you to create a solution that suits your retail business and delivers quality customer experience. 

If you need assistance in the implementation of internal processes, CX360 partners with Drive Yello to help retailers deliver advanced omnichannel customer experiences. We work with senior leadership to prepare for the introduction of same-day delivery services to drive maximum customer satisfaction, whilst building consensus across internal stakeholder groups and establishing solid business readiness.

Three ways to integrate with Yello:

  1. Integrate your proprietary e-commerce platform directly with Drive Yello via our API
  2. Integrate using the Shippit platform to connect Shopify, Magento or Big Commerce
  3. Integrate using Zapier to connect NETO, Magento 1&2, Woo Commerce or Big Commerce

Three Set up phases:

Phase 1: Technical integration (1 Month)
Phase 2: Test and Learn with trial stores (1 Month)
Phase 3: Roll out to multiple store/pickup locations (1 Month)

Given the estimated timelines set out above, your business has 30 days to sign up with Drive Yello. Kick off the process before the end of August, so you can be ready for Black Cyber Weekend.

For more information click through to the Yello Products section below or if you are ready to make the most of Black Cyber Weekend click on Book a Demo below.

Some Aussie Stats:

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday week recorded the biggest number of purchases, with strong growth of over 28% YOY.
  • In 2018  Black Friday and Cyber Monday became the biggest online shopping week of the year
  • Australian consumers are expected to spend over $1 billion online from Friday to Monday on the Black Cyber Weekend.

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