December 16, 2021 Anna

Last-mile deliveries in the pharmaceutical industry

The digitisation of the medical industry has changed dramatically in recent years with the introduction of digital scripts, offering unparalleled convenience to patients. Gone are the days of illegible scripts! Instead, the script is sent via an email or text message, so the patient has access whenever needed. This ultimately saves time for the patient and streamlines the pharmacy process. 

Patients that want the ultimate convenience can simply forward the message or email with the script and get their medications delivered, eliminating the need to wait in line or visit the store. With over 26 million digital prescriptions already issued, there has been an increased interest in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate their last-mile delivery processes. Pharmaceutical deliveries containing medications are considered ‘security items’ and have special requirements that couriers must follow. 

When selecting a trusted third party delivery provider, there are key platform features to look for to ensure your business complies with pharmaceutical deliveries.

After a dozen deliveries, it can be easy for busy drivers to forget the rules. Look for a platform that reminds drivers that their next delivery contains medication as a prompt to follow compliance rules.
Ensure your last-mile delivery platform provides drivers with the training needed to comply with pharmaceutical deliveries. There is a duty of care that comes with delivering pharmaceuticals. Independent couriers on the Yello network must complete a dedicated pharmaceutical onboarding session, covering rules for delivering security goods and not leaving scripts/deliveries unattended when the customer is not home. 
With Yello, mandatory verification steps such as proof of delivery, ID checks and signature on delivery are all available.  An added benefit for customers with physical scripts is that they can easily hand over new or repeat scripts to drivers to return to their dispensing pharmacy. This personalised experience contributes to brand loyalty and trust.  
You also want to look out for a platform that provides the flexibility to suit your business needs while also ensuring full compliance. For example, there might be instances where you require a courier for a shift, an urgent delivery, or are simply planning for the coming days. Whatever the case may be, Drive Yello can help with its extensive service offerings.
As the pharmaceutical industry continues to digitise, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of system plugins, software needs and upgrades. Drive Yello provides an open API, giving you the ability to add to your existing tech stack and removing the need for multiple systems.

An extension of your fleet

Drive Yello ticks all the boxes when it comes to pharmaceutical deliveries, offering complete flexibility of services to suit your needs. Yello’s last-mile delivery platform operates across all major metropolitan cities; Yello’s last-mile delivery platform connects retailers to an extensive network of independent contractors for ASAP jobs, scheduled future jobs, or ad-hoc shifts. Drive Yello also offers a SaaS product, allowing businesses with their fleet to use Australia’s most sophisticated last-mile delivery platform. Whatever is needed. There are no lock-in contracts, making Drive Yello an attractive partner to suit your needs. For further information on Drive Yello’s product, compliance with alcohol delivery legislation, or product feature questions, please send our sales team an email at

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