September 28, 2018 steve



As we head into the spring season, we’re pleased to announce the period of growth Drive Yello has achieved – particularly with an influx of budding florist businesses engaging with the platform.

With the rise of ecommerce and online shopping, coupled with the new season, there is ample opportunity for florists to engage a new audience and expand their current customer base to compete with larger online florist networks.

We’re confident shopfront florists (and other retail businesses) can retain and attract customers by establishing an online presence and getting their delivery logistics in place ahead of wedding season.

To ensure standards are met florists should establish or engage a high-quality, efficient delivery service that matches their reputation.

In Australia, there are a number of delivery services available to businesses – including our on-demand delivery app Yello Delivery. The app gives florists and businesses alike immediate access to a pot of couriers. Florists just simply post a courier request to the apps on-demand Driver & Rider Marketplace to receive an instant quote and estimated time of pick up – significantly reducing management hours and costs.

In addition to the on-demand app, Drive Yello makes it easy for florists to manage their own drivers, book drivers and inform customers of their delivery status through their driver booking platform, Yello. Being a florist means competition is ripe so offering an on-demand delivery service, without sacrificing quality, will turn happy customers into frequent shoppers.

If you’re a business looking to grow, sign up to the new Yello Delivery app and start delivering today!

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