September 10, 2018 steve


From his goals to grow Drive Yello to his love of red wine, read more about one of the newest additions to the team.

Where are you from?
I regard myself as a life-long resident of Newcastle, but my various roles (including chairman of the Drive Yello board) take me between my home in Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane.

How long have you been with Drive Yello?
I’m the newbie of the team and came on board in June.

What does your job involve?
As the chairman of the board, my role predominantly involves chairing meetings to ensure the board is governing professionally and making valued business decisions. Ultimately as part of the Drive Yello team, my goal is to help support the growth of the business and improving the service we deliver to customers.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Drive Yello?
Drive Yello is a great company to work for, particularly with such a solid business idea in this growing market. It also helps that it means working with smart people in a funky environment!

What are your thoughts on the delivery industry?
Both customers and suppliers are frustrated with the inefficiency of the current delivery landscape – which includes slowness and high costs. Drive Yello has entered the market and is now transforming same day last-mile delivery!

If you could drive anything to work, what would it be?
It depends what time of the year it is. During winter I like my Land Rover Discovery and in summer I’d opt for a sporty convertible! I want to make the most of each season.

What’s your spirit animal?
The eagle of course. They have strong vision, vitality, are fearless and tenacious, they train and nourish young ones, and fly the highest!

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
One superpower isn’t enough! I would love the ability to heal serious illnesses though I’d also like the power to control the weather, so it would always be summer! The cold of the past winter hasn’t been sitting well with me.

What was the last thing you had express delivered?
Just this weekend I had a second bottle of red wine delivered to a BYO restaurant, from Drive Yello client BWS… It’s always the second bottle that brings me unstuck!

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