July 6, 2018 steve


Drive Yello to the rescue! Did you know that our Last Mile Delivery service allows smaller restaurants to offer home delivery to their customers?

Why does this matter? New research reveals that Australian’s are spending $2.6 billion on food delivery every year* and as Aussies become more accustomed to getting food delivered directly to their door – restaurants need to be offering home delivery, to be a player in the food market.

Delivery should to be included in a restaurants overall strategy in order to meet consumer demand. Businesses that use Drive Yello as their preferred delivery service can offer on-demand food delivery BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they’re able to maintain contact with their customers – which is lost when businesses use larger aggregates such as Deliveroo and UberEATS.

Handling home delivery themselves allows companies to offer a personable service to their customers – building relationships and increasing the likelihood of repeat customers.

Drive Yello is partnering with businesses, such as Order Up! and Mobi2Go, to enable restaurants to up the ante and keep up with the increasing tech within the food industry. Working together to offer restaurants the perfect business model that allows them to manage all ordering, payments and (with the help of Drive Yello) delivery logistics – the partnership eliminates the need for restaurants to separately engage third parties and ensures consumer spending is put back to the restaurants directly!

Some may say Drive Yello is a superhero! Well in the restaurant industry we are – soon the world!

You can read more about Order Up! and the evolution of the food delivery market in this article here

*Source: Finder.com.au

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